I love Paris in the Fall



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Besides doing travel, Anne Suire is also a personal shopper, born and raised in Paris she is still in the know about the city of lights. For $ 1,500 a day, she will take you and your friends to the chic boutiques of Paris and make sure that you get the best treatment from the snooty sales assistants that your hard-earned greenbacks deserve. Just in case  you don’t have an extra few thousand to unload, here are some good advice.

  • Never wear sneakers. Definitely a giveaway that you are a tourist and invite inferior service.
  • It maybe silly but carry a designer’s shopping bag with you, even if you have to borrow one from a friend. It will probably give you shopping credibility. On the off chance that you buy something, have the store send it to your hotel.
  • If you don’t speak French , a ” Bonjour madame”, and a friendly smile should help because they will think that you mean business.
  • If by any chance you run out of steam in the middle of the afternoon, head out to a designer store such as Chanel, Prada or Yves Saint-Laurent, they usually oblige!.
  • Parisian store keepers usually work reasonable hours. They shut their stores at 7PM every weeknight and are closed all day Sunday.
  • Finally, for an only-in-Paris shopping experience , try to snag an appointment at
    Anouschka in Paris.

    Anouschka in Paris.

    Anouschka high end Antique clothing.

    Anouschka high end Antique clothing.

    Anouschka  (

    Anne Suire.

    Anne Suire.

    33-1-48-74-37-00). Located in the 9th district, if you like high-end vintage fans, you have come to the right place. Address is : 6 Avenue du coq, 75009. Paris– Metro Trinite or Saint Lazare.

  • Anne also takes clients to The Paris Flea Markets as well as Provence and all over France.
  • For more information email her at :


Eygalieres in Les Alpilles



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The lower slopes of Les Alpilles are covered with vineyards producing Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence-les-Baux, a wine with a very good reputation. In the heart of the Alpilles, the tiny village east of Eygalieres is really too pretty for its own good, now filled with overpriced interior, design shops and restaurants. However its delightful 12th- century chapel St-Sixte, which dominates a luminous hillside speckled with olive and almond trees lifts the spirits. Pagan rites were performed on the hill.Pagan rites involving spring water from les Alpilles were performed on the hills. One still remains: on the day of a couple’s engagement the future husband drinks spring water from his fiance’s hands. If they don’t marry within a year he dies.

Eygalieres is host to the elite, before it was St Tropez, now they have all moved here. This sleepy, tiny village has always been home to artists, but now it has become the Hamptons of Provence.

Le Mas de La Brune

I really liked this place and was delighted by its owner , Marie de LaRouziere  whose property spreads over 5 hectares of newly landscaped gardens surrounded by Lavender, chestnut trees, and roses. The 16th-century Mas ( farmhouse), was built by the mayor of Eygalieres. The decor in the rooms is not the best, but if you make the best of it you can have a wonderful time during your stay. The mas only serves breakfast.( About 2 kilometers north of Eygalieres toward Route St-Remy). Phone number is 4-90-95-90-77

Le Mas dou Pastre

This very simple, 18th-century stone farmhouse B&B has 12 rooms, all decorated in the Provencal style- sunny ochers and apricots, cornflowers blue. When I went there quite a few years ago, no English was spoken there. Albine Roumanille, her husband Maurice and sister Joelle, were extremely gracious. The breakfast was wonderful, coffee, freshly squeeze orange juice, homemade jams and breads , all was wonderful!. The rooms were affordable price wise and I would recommend it to anyone  who does not want to break their bank account. Quartier Saint Sixte ; 4-90-95-92-61


Swimming pool at Le Mas dou Pastre

Swimming pool at Le Mas dou Pastre

Le Mas de La Brune

Le Mas de La Brune

Le Bistrot d'Eygalieres Chez Bru

Le Bistrot d’Eygalieres Chez Bru

Exquisite Food at Le Bistrot d'Eygalieres

Exquisite Food at Le Bistrot d’Eygalieres

Le Bistrot d'Eygalieres.

Le Bistrot d’Eygalieres.

Vegetables  in Provence

Vegetables in Provence

Provencal Food

Provencal Food


Le Bistrot d’Eygalieres Chez Bru

Belgian born owner chef Wout Bru‘s dishes, are all densely flavored poached prawns with a compote of tomatoes; seared foie gras in a Balsamic reduction or a tart of sweet, delicate sardines; roast pigeon with shallot confit and Tarragon essence; also a rich and flaky caramelized apple tart was out of this world. The owner has expanded so the place looks very different and the colors are as bland as the restaurant decor. Rue de La Republique ; 4-90-90-60-34

Visit us online at Fall Provence Tours/ thanksgiving 2015

Anne Suire


Hiking, the best way to discover the Vaucluse and the Luberon/ Part 2



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Hike from Apt to Saignon

Apt‘s history goes back to Roman times when it was a prosperous ancient city. Remnants of its days as a Christian bishopric are also visible  in its gorgeous 11th-century Saint-Anne Cathedral. Today  the town is loved for its candied fruits, jams, lavender essence and truffles and a very colorful market that teems with Provencal produce on Saturday mornings. When you arrive in Apt park your car in the cours Lauze-de-Perret car park in the east of town,and then you are ready to set out on your hike. On foot your will have to take D48 and walk along until you see the Auriane track on the left, you will then head left and cross the bridge over the Rimayon river. As the road sweeps left you will have to keep walking straight along the path that climbs the hill, then bear left and and follow a tarmac path for ( 164ft) until you eventually get to the Ginestiere crossroads. Once you get there stay to your right and follow the D174 to get to the village entrance, which leads to the pretty place de la Fontaine.

Saignon is not very well known by tourists. If you go there visit the Prieure and Farm built in the middle ages on a Gallo- Roman site and continued to expand until the 19th-century. The church contains Medieval frescoes , and the excavations of a first-century villa are seen through a grill in the floor. Exhibitions are staged in the farm while the gardens are devoted to historic and scented plants. To get to Saignon, make a turn left on Rue du Bourget and walk about ( 330 ft) until you reach a cobbled path, on your left that leads to kind of a square in the parking lot. At the bottom of the car park, you will find a path winding around the village’s ramparts. After the last house take a deep breath and climb the steps to the main castle ruins and marvel at the vistas from the lookout point. Then go back down the ramparts before going left and joining the D174. From place de la Fontaine backtrack to the Ginistere crossroads, and turn right. After the bend, keeping Tourel (a settlement) on your left, take the short cut at the next bend and continue straight for (650 ft). At the next bend turn left along a dirt track and head straight through an oak forest and then a residential area. Continue straight , and then cross the old N100, using the steps to join the cycle path. You will have to keep going over the Cavalon River and then head up a ramp on the right to follow the D22 back to Apt. Finish your hike with a hearty French meal at Auberge du Luberon, located in a century- old  building in the city’s historic center.

Luberon, Provence.

Luberon, Provence.


Cuisine in the sun.

Why do colors seem more intense in Provence, flavors more vivid? . It could be the hot dry climate which concentrates the essence of fruit and vegetables or maybe the sun beaming down on the market stalls. Whatever the reason , the real story of the food in Provence is the triumph over the elements. Here is how to savor its amazing flavors. As you bite into a Cavaillon melon or a snow- white fennel -perfumed sea bass fillet, you might think that nature has always been kind to Provence. on the wind battered coast of Marseille , fishermen salvaged the boniest rock fish to create the famous Bouillabaisse, that would become legendary worldwide. In the sun blasted mountains north of Nice, impoverished farmers created a repertoire of dishes found nowhere else in France ,using swiss cheese , chickpea four ( crispy Panisses)  served with a rose. Salt cod ( shipped from Sandinavia) to compensate from the scarcity of fresh fish. In Camargue, the cowboys tamed the wild bull to create their own version of Daube , a quite long-simmered stew that transforms tough cuts of meat into a gourmet marvel. Olive oil is always used in Provencal cooking and has become a symbol of the south and has overcome a 1950’s frost that entirely wiped out France‘s olive groves. The production is tiny to that of Spain or Italy but of exceptionally high quality. Even the tomato has a relatively short history here, having  been introduced in the 1820’s and at first only used in cooked dishes.
Provencal cooking is divided by the area’s dramatically changing landscape . In the Vaucluse alone, scorched plains punctuated by orcher cliffs  give way to lush-orchard lined mountains and slopped vineyards. The wild Calanques of Marseille – source of spiky sea urchins and octopuses- ease into tranquil waters of St Tropez, home to bream and sea bass. Everywhere you can smell the fragrant flavors of fruits -dripping with nectar and vegetables so flavor packed-packed with that meat might not be a requirement for a meal. The true joy of visiting the region lies in discovering these differences, which might be subtle as in a ( local version of a bouillabaisse or fish soup) or unmistakable that signal that truffle season is here!.
Anne Suire


Provencal Food

Provencal Food


Gourmet Tours in Avignon 2019.

About your location.

Located on a quiet cul-de-sac, steps from the
center of Avignon and the famous Palais des
Papes, this delightful vacation apartment is
the perfect spot to call home while exploring
Avignon and its beautiful environs. Housed
in a 16th century stone building, this former
artist studio has been fully renovated with
modern amenities and thoughtfully
decorated with Provencal charm. Located in
the same building as our Avignon Studio
apartment, the two properties can be rented
together to accommodate a total of 10
The airy, spacious triplex apartment offers
comfortable living and dining spaces where
groups can gather together, as well as cozy
nooks for enjoying quiet time alone, making
this vacation rental an ideal choice for
friends and family traveling together. Four
bedrooms, all equipped with air conditioning
and painted in calming sea tones, sleep up to
eight guests with six separate beds, all fitted
with quality linens.


Itinerary, Fall 2019.
Saturday October 5th , Arrival, Transfers to
property, unpack, Dinner at the property.
Sunday October 6th, Lunch at L’isle Sur La
Sorgue. A visit and a small hike to La
Fontaine De Vaucluse. Dinner at property.
Monday October 7th, Gordes, Le Village des
and L’Abbaye de Senanque. Dinner at the
Tuesday October 8th Truffle tasting and
Lunch at the truffle farm.
Wednesday October 9th, La Camargue and
Saintes Marie de La Mer, Les Aigues Mortes
and a visit to L’abbaye de Momajour. Dinner
at the property.
Thursday October 10th,Le Roussillon and
dinner served at the property.
Friday October 11th, Avignon and the” Palais
des Papes”. Wine tasting and catered lunch.
Saturday October 12th, 10 AM heading back
to the US.
Transfers from villa to Train Station.
All meals are included. Wine included
for dinners only . Four bottles will be
served.  8 Guests only! ( 4 couples)

go to

Avignon Gourmet Tours Fall 2019.


Avignon Gourmet Tours Fall 2019.

Two dates for Gourmet Tours of Avignon, Fall 2019. The dates are October 5, 2019 – October 12,2019. The second tour October 19, 2019 – October 26, 2019.

We love to travel in the fall because we have Provence to ourselves.

This tour will take place in Avignon, the city of Popes.

About Avignon.

From the bank of the broad turbulent River Rhone  rise the magnificent ramparts of Avignon , golden stones redolent with medieval grandeur and power.Within the walls the town seems quintessentially southern; It bursts with energy, yet echoes with history. A crowded central avenue ( Jean- Jaures & Republique) makes its way from city gate to the looming Papal Palace . A few spots to visit such as The ramparts which were built on the orders of the popes at the start of their 14th -century reign, they make a complete circle of the old city, a distance of 4.3 km.

Le Pont St -Benezet.

This famous bridge ( Pont d’Avignon)  from the nursery ryhme  has made this city a household name. It broken arches step just one halfway across one arm of the river. Originally built in 1177 under the inspiration of a shepherd boy called Benezet , money for the project was raised by a religious brotherhood called Les freres Pontifes. In the Espace St-Benezet beside the gatehouse, the museum en images Pont d’Avignon tells the story of the bridge with a video on a giant screen.

A stop at Le Petit Palais the popes acquired this dignified building in 1335 and was later transformed into a sumptuous residence for the sixteen century cardinal Giullio Della Rovere, who went on to become Pope Julius 2 and after s long time afterwards, Le Petit Palais it served as a sort of guest-room for the city’s royalty and nobility. Cardinal Della Rovere took a great interest in the arts, he was the patron Michelangelo and began a collection of paintings and sculptures which today has turned  the building into a remarkable art museum.

Notre- Dame -des-Doms

Standing on the site of an even older church, Avignon’s resilient 12th-century cathedral along side the Papal Palace has been repaired and reconstructed many times  during the town’s history, incorporating hotchpotch of styles. During the revolution Avignon was largely on the royalist side -when the church was pillaged and all but wrecked. Some blame the misguided reconstruction of the church – A gilded Madonna  on the Romanesque bell tower.

Place de l’Horloge.

This used to be the forum ( public square ) of the Roman city, it still is Avignon’s enticing focal point, even in the winter surrounded by hundreds of tables under parasols where it is a delight to linger over breakfast or a late lunch. An old fashion carousel in the square is usually working while on one side stands the city’s theater & the Grand old 19th-century town hall, which incorporates a 14th-century clock tower ( horloge).

This will be your city for one week!


Provence- Gourmet tours 2019



Advertising Upscale Travel.

Editorials and customer reviews prove fruitful in reaching the Upscale Travel market. The first great challenge is standing out among all the noise and providing travelers exactly with what they want which usually revolves around unforgettable experiences and for the guests to completely unwind. For us at Luxury Travel Consultant2, I will say that the human connection is extremely important and the connections allow for trust to be developed, a reputation to be validated as well as reliability, resulting in referrals that can be received with trust. It’s a no brainer because  it is all based on trusting your abilities to deliver to your clientele with total honesty, this is why upscale travelers are prone to see more value in real and honest  comments and reviews of a product or service. When I started with Luxury Travel, My main focus was to provide my clients with  an unforgettable experience and to always be honest with my advertising for an upcoming trip.  It is not always easy to create a great team , because you have to make sure that they know what they are doing and check their references . Everybody has to be  local, Bilingual and they also  have to have  a great reputation as a tour guide/driver and private chef. Our homes are amazing and we work carefully with realtors in the region we are visiting. Join us for our 2019 tours , we are working on them right now. “We are an inspiration as well as dream makers for our clientele”

Anne Suire.




Definition of Luxury Travel.

Luxury is a word that has been used a lot and it has a lot to do with people’s perceptions . “For some travelers Luxury is another person’s ordinary”, Luxury Travel Consultant2 is defined less by thread count and Michelin star and more by the access to the people, places and experiences that represent all that is authentic about a destination – Of course comfort still apply and high standards of accommodation.

Luxury Travel Consultant2 offers its clientele access to a live- in experience that represents all that is authentic about a destination. Our clientele wants to participate, not just see ( Truffle hunting, cooking class, wine tasting and more).

Luxury Travel has always been a privilege for the rich and we want to make it more accessible by finding ways to lower our prices. Right balance of local insight, flexibility and independence . We pretty much design a tour with activities but we always want to make sure that our clientele is happy and well taken care of. I believe that it is important to our clients’ taste to choose carefully. A lot of our guests appreciate ” the insider” access to truffle farms, wineries and artisan studios.

For Luxury Travel Consultant2, it’s not about the marble bath-tub or gold tab but more about the location, the bilingual guides and the host. Everyone is local and bilingual.

Our focus is helping our clients enjoy an authentic quality experience that will be long remembered. Our mode of travel and type of accommodation used are upscale villas, properties – The common theme is that the experience is a special one. The experience is created for your personal preferences that truly combines enrichment, enjoyment and education, with the time  to appreciate your surroundings at a price that represents value  for your money.

Our Company embodies a great experience of the culture one is visiting.

Anne Suire

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High and Low season, when is the best time to travel to Provence.

Don’t even think about visiting Provence in high season without reserving accommodation. From the beginning of July to the end of August, the region and especially the Riviera and Cote d’Azur is at its busiest and everything, from Grand hotels to camp sites, is totally full. May to mid-June and September to mid- October are a lot less crowded. Some smaller hotels in rural areas from November to February.

How to book.

You can book direct with hotels and other accommodation providers by phone, fax and increasingly by email and via the web. The French government tourist office website provides useful links for finding and booking accommodation. You will  normally be asked for a deposit, which you can pay by credit card in most larger hotels and camp sites  or by money order.

Villas’ accommodation.

At Luxury Travel Consultant2 we love villas. Do you want to know why, they are an open window to a culture and lifestyle.

A villa holiday offers a more luxurious version of self-catering. Most of the villas are in or near coastal resorts and most of them have a pool. They also offer basic maid service ( cleaning and linen change), but the more luxurious ones can be fully staffed with cook, valet service and chauffeur. Luxury Travel Consultant2 provides chauffeurs and tour guides who are local and bilingual most of the time. A local chef will plan a menu and make you discover the local cuisine.

Yachts and cruisers.

You don’t have to be mega-rich to stay on a yacht or cruiser. The closer you get to Cannes or Antibes the more expensive such boats become, but they are less ostentatious vessels in such harbours as Le Lavandou and Sainte Maxime.

For more information contact Anne at


Women and Travel.

Women who travel in a group.
My name is Anne Suire, I am the owner of Luxury Travel Consultant2.  I enjoy quality Travel, what I am saying is , if I travel I enjoy being with a small group of people. I like to experience a country, I do not enjoy big buses and do not want to be looked at as a tourist but as a curious and respectful visitor.
A way to experience a culture would be to rent a villa with other people and have a local chef cook for you and a local driver driver. The tour would be organized to your liking of course and interesting activities would please your senses and curious minds.
What do you like to do when you travel?
Visit monasteries, hiking, Visit a truffle farm, Shopping, meditation or yoga for the entire week, culinary delights, wine tasting,nature sanctuaries, touring the region?
Would you enjoy staying in a very nice Provencal villa with double accommodation or single accommodation or both?
Do you like having a chef? do you like having a driver / tour guide but you think that upscale is too expensive?.
Would you like having breakfast, lunch and dinner and wine at dinner time included in the total price as well as train rides ( round trip) and also activities?
Please let us know we would love to take you with us to France or Italy.
We do not take care of flights to and from the country you will visit.
We always do a one week stay, would you like to stay longer than a week?
Please contact us and let us know your thoughts or email Anne directly at .imgresimgres-1imgresimgres-2images-2

Dining room


Chateau Romanin


Where would you stay in Provence.

Part Two.

Self- catered Accommodations.

The south of France offers a vast range of self-catering inexpensive farm cottages, history-laden chateaux with gourmet meals, sprawling villas inland and on the riviera, as well as flats in modern beach resorts and even canal boats. The Federation national des gites de France is a French government service offering inexpensive accommodations by the week in rural areas. Lists with photos are available from the maison des gites de France , their email is

Are you trying to get back to nature, but with a villa included? with a panda gites and b&bs in collaboration with gites de France and the federation of French nature Reserves. Included in the cost of your stay is a discovery pack of binoculars, local maps and guides. See Gites -de-France information. The accommodation they offer will always nearly always be more comfortable and costly than a gite.

A few addresses to explore.

Allez France. Wide variety of accommodation from cottages to chateaux.

French life holidays. –  They offer apartments and gites in the south of France.

InnTravel. they offer apartments with

Vacances en Campagne. they offer farmhouses, villas and gites.

Anne Suire