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These are historic horse-drawn Gypsy caravans , just like the ones that “Travelers” used in the past during their peregrinations. Actually they come from Romania and are made from painted wood and are known as Verdines because of their green color .Inside you will find a mini-bar and air conditioning helps facing the summer heat, but you are not connected, no phone or TV if it’s your type of vacation, go for it.

Each caravan has a name, one Sara & the other one Salome, Mary Salome was the mother of the apostles James & John. As for Sara, she is also a saint venerated by Gypsies who is the object of their famous pilgrimage each year on May 24 to Les Saintes Maries de La Mer.

After enjoying what modern society had to offer, Philippe and Anne-Marie Michelot decided to slow down and enjoy a different pace of life. The Mas des Figues is a symbol of their new existential choice, which they happily share with their guests. A return to a basic & simple life. Their life is not rushed and the term “farm in” is definitely not a cliche, it really is a farm , without “celebrities”, but with animals, vegetables and a true natural rhythm of life. They received a stamp of approval as a “Ferme Auberge”, “Farm Lodge” from the chamber of agriculture in “Les Bouches du Rhone”


Other caravans in Provence

Les Roulottes du mas dou Pastre

L’hotel du Mas dou Pastre is located in Eygalieres, Quartier Saint -Sixte, 13810 Eygalieres.


The hotel is very charming and is surrounded by olive trees, cypresses & lavender, in one of the most sought after landscapes in the Alpilles. In addition to the classic hospitality of its hotel, Caravans for rent in the Summer time are a best way to escape city life.

Caravan, a way to escape every day life & consummerism

Caravan, a way to escape every day life & stress.