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Biodynamic Farming in FRANCE.Organic vineyards & Wines

Biodynamic Farming is based on the agricultural philosophies of Rudolf Steiner. While biodynamic farming includes Sustainable organic farm management practises, it also uses specially prepared , natural treatments, incorporating natural rhythms and cycles of the moon and sun, light and warmth.
The Demeter Biodynamic Farm Association has a website with lists of biodynamic producers , visit them online at www.bio-dynamie.org
Chateau Romanin is an organic & biodynamic vineyard located outside of Aix en Provence.

A healthy love of Organic wines.

The Guardian wrote about Organic Wines in Provence, France. Wine growers in Provence are turning to Chemical-free grape farming.Today , we, the consumers are more health conscious, more demanding and more aware of the environment and this includes what we eat and drink. The demand has prompted wine growers in Provence the weather is perfect- ambient temperature, mild winters with hardly any frost, reliable hot sun from the beginning of spring to the end of summer.
With modernizing, which was the motto of the day, farmers used pesticides& herbicides which gave them larger yields & disease -free grapes, but if the people were happy the soil  was not and became saturated with chemicals one vintner Jean -Claude Lavaud realized that a change was needed and made a commitment to environmentally viticulture.he now produces organic wines. His winery is inspected once a year and at times randomly, organic wines in France must have the Logo ” Agriculture Biologique”, AB. The Label will read “Wine made with Organic Grapes”, but will never claim to be an organic wine since vintners still add sulfites, a preservative that prevents oxidation & bacterial spoilage.
In France, organic wine has really caught on and is no longer a fad- especially with the younger generation. No headache effect the reason behind it, is because of the low level of sulfites and the absence of pesticides in the soil.

Article that I wrote for the Examiner. Anne Suire