Le Roussillon, Legend has it that the wife of a nobleman threw herself from the top of the cliffs after her husband forced her to eat her dead lover’s heart. The earth turned scarlet with her blood, and rocks and village were left with a permanent rosy glow.

Seguret, this amazing medieval settlement hugs its hillside like a tight belt.

Gordes, perched on top of a steep cliff is a cascade of multicolored houses, which has inspired countless painters.Painting exhibitions in the chapel around the town square, which is lined with small shops. in the center is an overpowering 16th-century castle, which in 1541 was endowed with a fireplace still famous for its size and elegant carving.

Oppede le Vieux,Flourishing in Renaissance times, Oppede was deserted by 1900 – no one wanted to live on a barely accessible rock. Today some of the houses are being restored and you can see the ruins of a medieval castle in ruins.

Ansouis, This village, with its wandering streets, is made remarkable by its chateau built in the 1100s , remodeled at various times , the castle is still owned by the duke of Sabran and his family. In the 14th century it was home to St Elzear and his wife, Ste Dauphine. There is a medieval kitchen. Delightful views over the box woodtrees in the “Paradise Garden

Menerbes, was superbly sited for defense. As protestant stronghold  it held out for about 5 years during the 18th-century wars of religion.Peace now reigns around the citadel and townhouses.

Malaucene, this was where pope Clement V had his summer residence and it remains a beautiful spot of 17th-and 18th-century houses, fountains and avenues shaded by plane trees.

Vacqueyras, one of Provence’s most prestigious villages, The town houses an 11th-century church with its elegant belltower, then you can enjoy wine tasting.

Brantes, overhanging the gorges ( 1,800 feet) below , Brantes stares across the toulourenc valley to Mont Ventoux. It is a very impressive place to be in March when the almond trees are in bloom.

Le Barroux, An eagle’s nest of a village, its very narrow streets lead steeply up to this beautiful chateau at the top.

Anne Suire