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Is the truffle a mystery?

The truffle has had a chequered history stretching back to antiquity. It has been a mineral, a plant created by thunder and lightning, and -as ascetic clerics put it about the middle ages – a monstrous creation of the devil. The truffle belongs to the species of ascomycetous fungi.  The actual fungus is a ramifying network of hyphae threads that extend many metres in the ground – When the hyphae of different fungal branches meet, the result is the tuber in question.In our case a truffle -assuming  the weather has been clement and the soil contains humus and chalk. There is a very close symbiotic relationship that the filament networks of fungi and tree roots enter into. In fact a regular two-way trade goes on between them. From what i have researched  the truffle supplies nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other similar goodies. But the truffle does not enter into this arrangement with any old tree. No,it must be a maple, a birch, a lime or an elm. Most of it all it likes to cohabit with the oak, a liaison which we can thank for this wonderful aromatic truffle.

The truffle – a delicate diva?

Truffles are very sensitive to the weather. Hard winter frosts and dry summers are the ruination of a truffle. In particular August is the making of a truffle. And, also unfortunately, of wine. Which leads to a very surprising observation. A very year for truffles in tantamount of a bad vintage. For wine likes moderately humid-to-dry conditions in the period of August – October.

In 1986, an excellent year for wine in France, Gallic truffle production slumped from about 100 tons to 20, a big loss. The year 1987, by contrast, saw a disastrous vintage but the truffle crop of the century. Poetic justice!

Anne Suire

Thanksgiving 2014.

November 22 – November 29, 2014

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