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As a gourmet as well as a seasoned connoisseur of the Provencal Life, here is a sample of my favorite places to rest and eat. Growing up, I have spent a lot of summers in  the South of France. I loved the fresh smell of pine trees, the easy way of life and the cuisine.

Le Mas de Peint was introduced to me by one of my sisters who happened to stay there on a family vacation, LE SAMBUC ; 4-9097-2062; http://www.lemasdepeint.com

This beautiful ranch is located in the heart of La Camargue and is the home of

Arles in Provence.

Arles in Provence. Le Mas des Peints.

Jacques & Lucille Bon. A very friendly couple who shares their home and beloved land with guests as they would with old friends. From horseback riding through the beautiful countryside to wonderful local specialties prepared with love by very gifted chef Philippe Guillot. This hotel has both elegance and true authenticity.

Domaine Des Andeols. ( Saint Saturnin- les -Apt) 4-9075-5063; http://www.domainedesandeols.com. This is a very beautiful hotel featuring works by artists and designers –   Andy Warhol, Philip Starck are among the artwork featured, it is a very cutting edge hotel in the heart of classic and rustic Provencal landscape.

Domaine des Andeols Saint -Saturnin-les-Apt

Domaine des Andeols
Saint -Saturnin-les-Apt

Le Chateau de Valmer. (La Croix Valmer) 4-9455-1515; http://www.chateau-valmer.com. Every room just steps from the sea and is truly beautiful, but if you go just ask for the tree house, the bedroom in the tree – A suite perched in an enormous oak tree. There is a terrace overlooking the vineyards nearby.



 La Bastide Saint-Antoine (48 Ave. Henri-Dunant, Grasse; 4-9370-9494; http://www.jacques-chibois.com. This hotel has the atmosphere of a grand house of the South of France. The owner, Jacques Chibois, has a great sense of hospitality and his cuisine is fabulous. This Bastide has it all – a superb restaurant, a great library, a pool and a terrace- garden and the hills as a backdrop. Extremely chic.

Grasse in France.

Grasse in France.

Grasse, France.

Grasse, France.

La Croix Valmer

La Croix Valmer





Anne Suire


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