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How the traditional Pastis is produced.

During the middle ages, traveling apothecaries used to visit the Lure Mountains around Forcalquier to stock up their supplies to stock up on their supplies of medicinal plants which they would usually distill. During the 17th and 18 th-centuries , their descendants settled in the surrounding towns and also opened herb stores. During the 19th-century , the original apothecaries  had evolved into pharmacists, schnapps distillers, and, by the 20th-century, liqueur and aperitif manufacturers. Today’s pastis manufacture is a legacy of that tradition from the Lure mountains.

The history of “Provence’s  distilleries and estates ( distilleries and Provencal domains) includes the true story of one man’s affinity for the mountains and plants of his native land. Henri Bardouin was born in Forcalquier in 1908, he was fascinated by medicinal plants that grew in the region. He used  to enjoy trying out fresh combinations of herbs and spices. He really loved his job as a distiller and put the skills handed down from his forefathers to good use in his work. Today the Henry Bardouin  is  one of the best  traditional pastis, in other words, done the traditional way. The mountains of Forcalquier  boast 1,700  species of wild plants – A true heaven for herb collectors. Some of the flowers and herbs used in pastis are gathered here, although precisely which ones remains a guarded secret.  The traditional pastis flavor comes from a collection of over 50 plants and spices. The various stages in its manufacture must be followed religiously and meticulous attention is paid to the exact quantities of herbs used. also it is essential for certain combination of herbs to be steeped together. The plants are left to infuse in alcohol  for about two to fur weeks. Then they are pressed , and the essence is combined with the distilled solid residue.

Anne Suire


Small aniseed rolls.

Generous 2 cups / 500 g sugar

Generous 2 cups / 500 g flour

4 egg whites

1 oz / 25 g green aniseed

1 pinch of salt

Knead all ingredients together and roll out the dough to a thickness of at least 1/4 inch thick. Cut out small circles and bake at a low temperature ( 325)imgres-2 in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes.