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Monday, Aix en Provence ( place St Jeanne d’Arc) between 30 to 60 vendors. Last Monday of the month. ( 8am – 5pm)

Nimes ( Ave Jean Jaures) 80 vendors. ( 8 am – 6pm) note that many vendors leave by noon.

Tuesday, Aix en Provence ( place de Verdun) about 35 vendors. (8 am – 12:30 pm)

Apt-en-Provence ( place St Pierre) 20 to 30 vendors.( 8am-7pm)

Wednesday Arles ( boulevard des Lices), about 80 to 100 vendors; First Wednesday of the month.

Pernes-les-Fontaines (Place Frederique Mistral) 15 to 20 vendors. First Wednesday of the month. 15 to 20 vendors. ( 7 am – 1pm)

Thursday. Aix en Provence ( place de Verdun) about 35 vendors, 8 am -12pm

Orange ( cours A.Briand Sud) about 10 vendors , 8am -12 noon

Friday, Toulon ( Place du Theatre) 15 to 20 vendors, 9 am to 5pm.

Saturday, Aix en Provence ( Place de Verdun) about 35 vendors, 8 am -12 ( noon)

Arles ( Boulevard des Lices) 8am- 12 ( noon)

Villeneuves les Avignon ( Place C Davis) about 80 to 100 vendors, 6am-2pm

Toulon (Quartier Ste Muse) 200 vendors, ( 6am -12 ( noon)

Sunday, Avignon ( place des Carmes) , 100 vendors , 6am -12 ( noon)

L’Isle sur La Sorgue ( Avenue des 4 Otages), about 40 vendors, 9am-7pm

Nimes ( Parking du Stade), about 80 vendors, 8am -4pm, * some vendors leave early.

Vaison la Romaine ( Place Montfort) about 35 vendors ( Third Sunday of the Month) 7am -7pm

Some of the flea markets that I have chosen to include are Aix en Provence, ArlesAvignon, Isle sur la Sorgue, Nimes and Villeneuve-Les-Avignons. The markets run the gamut in size, range of things sold, and schedules.

Aix en Provence ( Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday morning.

What you will find  are books, paintings. jewlery, ceramics, some furniture, rustic items.

There is a brocante market in Aix en Provence every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning from 8am to 12 :30 am, ( Place de Verdun) located in the center of Aix, in the pedestrian maze of streets to the north of cours Mirabeau. There is parking along the streets and if you arrive by train, the market is just 20- minute walk northeast from the train station. You will head north, along street G.desplaces, then turn right on  Avenue des Belges to the Place du General de Gaulle. Then you follow La Cours Mirabeau east, turning left north just the place Forbin at the end of the cours, onto the rue Thiers, which will take you straight into Place du verdun.

Arles ( First Wednesday of the month) 80 to 100 vendors.

What you will find Provencal clothing, accessories, fabrics and lace, ceramics, toys and some furniture.

Arles has an all-day brocante market on the first Wednesday of the month. 8am -6pm. This market takes place at the south end of town below the Jardin d’Ete, along the boulevard des Lices. If you drive metered parking is available. If you get there by train, you will realize that the market is at the end of town , the walk is not that long ( 25 minutes). Head south and then near the end , go a little east and keep south again on rue de la cavalerie, which will turn into rue Voltaire and will take you into the Arles arena. Still keep south, at the other end of the arena on rue La Porte de l’Or which will take you to the jardin d’ete. The market is at the south end of the garden.

Avignon, you will find kitchenware, tools, hardware, books, records, secondhand clothing.

The flea market takes place on Sunday mornings, 6am-12:30 pm. Place des Carmes in the center of Avignon. If you drive there you will find free parking around the ramparts, eastern end , at the Porte Saint- Lazare and you can walk a short distance  along the rue Carreterie. If you take the train, the market is 25 to 30 minute walk. You will walk up rue Jean-Jaures, which becomes Rue de la Republique, to the rue des Marchands to the Place Carnot and then you will keep going East on the rue Carnot, it will become the rue Portail Matheron and leads into place des Carmes.

L’isle sur la Sorgue, one of my favorites. You will find ceramics, paintings, garden ware, Provencal fabrics, quilts, linens, books, kitchenware, silver, some furniture, rustic items. It is an all- day brocante market, from 9am – 7pm, every Sunday on rue des 4 Otages. Parking is not easy but you should be able to a spot on one of the side streets nearby.

Nimes.  About 80 vendors. You will find  ceramics, furniture, Provencal  linen, kitchenware, rustic items. The market runs all day on Monday from 8am to 6pm. The market takes place along the Avenue Jean-Jaures in the western part of town. 8 am -6 pm. A lot of vendors will leave early so beware!. If you drive you can find meter parking. if you want to take the train, the train station is in the eastern part of town and within walking distance from the market. When leaving the station take Avenue Feucheres northwest to the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle and the Arena beyond. Continue West, past the Rue Porte de France, until you reach Avenue Jean-Jaures where the market is located.

Villeneuve les Avignon.

80 to 100 vendors, you will find furniture, ceramics. tools, hardware, kitchenware, glassware and rustic items and sometimes militaria. Held on Saturday morning from  6 am -2 pm, across the Rhone river from Avignon located on the Place du Marche, alongside the Avenue de Verdun. If you have a car just take a cab, very short trip from Avignon or just take bus #11, which leaves regularly from the post office near Avignon train Station.

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Flea Markets.

Flea Markets.