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Olive oil has always been the basis of Mediterranean cuisine : Tapenade, aioli, or pistou, broiled fish and bell peppers, marinades, or simply tomato salad with mozzarella – all these dishes would be inconceivable without olive oil. No two olive oils produced in the numerous olive mills are ever the same. They have a dried fruit or plant aroma and the intensity of flavors varies depending on composition and the region in which they are grown.

The black tanche, for example , smells of green apples and freshly cut hay, the verdale is definitely reminiscent of artichokes, and olives from Baux and also a very distinctive bouquet of aniseed bouquet.The olive oil from green olives is more bitter and keeps longer than oil from black olives.

Also olives like grapes experience good and bad years and some folks always find it a good idea to establish a small oil cellar in the home because olive oil is very sensitive to light. A mild olive oil is perfect for broiled dishes and vegetables, a light one for salads, and a more strongly flavored oil for fish, meat and pasta.

The Tanche olives were introduced by the Greeks of Massilia around the 4th century BC. It is an olive oil used to make tapenade. The olives are grown primarily in the Drome and Vaucluse regions of Southern France – They are often referred to as perle noire, The black pearl of Provence.

The Verdale olives are grown in Herault and a design of different variety of olives. Verdale of Pyrenees Orientales.

If you are interested there are several mills and a museum in the vicinity of Nyons which are open to visitors.

440px-Huile_d'Olive_de_ProvenceAvignon Halles imgresOlives from Nyons.search-1Moulin Dozol Autrand, their olive oil has a slightly fruity flavor. You can taste it on a slice of rustic bread with garlic. Very delicate and flavored with a suggestion of hay.

Vieux Moulin, you will experience the preserved, traditional method of olive oil production in a 16th -century mill. A very fruity olive oil!

Muse de l’Olivier

The best place to learn about the history of olive oil, a true combination of nostalgia and poetry.

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