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Recalling the glory of the Medieval Avignon, a papal palace and a 14th century fortress stand face to face across the River Rhone . To the west you will see the Gard flowing between the pillars of the roman acqueduct, a dozen miles from from Nimes and its amphitheater. In the fields beyond the gently rising curves of La Montagnette, avenues of plane trees cut across the homeland of the great poet, Frederic Mistral. South of St Remy , the Alpilles suddenly emerge with blue rockfaces….

Uzes, this Feudal city is the seat of Dukedom, founded in the days of Charlemagne ; The cobblestones and townhouses date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The Medieval Tour de Bermonde has 148 steps total, a good workout and after you can cool off , lingering under the Arcades of Place aux Herbes. Uzes is beautiful and is a great place to spend a holiday without the bling or the beach.

Where to stay, eat and what to do.

La Maison d’Uzes, a new hotel where the staff is very friendly and enthusiastic. Each room in the hotel has a different look. Breakfast is served in the courtyard. http://www.lamaisonduzes.fr

L’Albiousse. is a small B&B that occupies a 16th- century house known as an hotel. The bedrooms are decorated with superb taste. http://www.albiousse.fr


Ma Cantine  is a restaurant that serves hearty French food and is more home cooking than Haute cuisine. The menu is propped up on a tree. nearby the restaurant. The owner is very friendly and is very knowledgeable regarding wines.+ 39 4 66 01 00 07

Le Bec a Vin. Is a great place for a quiet dinner. If you plan to go on a warm summer night, sit in the secluded courtyard. A great place to enjoy great food and enjoy the quiet of a nice evening with good wines and tasty food.www.lebecavin.com; + 39 4 66 22 41 20;

Place aux berbes.

A few cafes where you can enjoy a glass of wine, a light lunch or a late night-cap. Terroirs ( No 5), La Suedoise serves smoked salmon with creme Fraiche. If you like smoked duck try La Lozerienne and if you just want a nice salad and a cup of coffee try Le Bananier ( No 16).

What to do.

If you and the kids don’t want to spend the day at home on a rainy day try Le Musee du Bonbon just outside of town and while you are in the area try a cup of roasted cafe at L’Atelier du Cafe, you can also go visit Le Pont du Gard; this masterpiece of civil engineering has stood for 2000 years. Its asymmetrical arcades on three levels create a perfect vision of harmony. In antiquity, the aqueduct was supplying NImes with spring water. Another great option is La Begude St Pierre, park your car and hike the half hour stretch to the Gorge. If you like pottery make a stop at St Quentin La Poterie, a short drive and lots of pottery outlets. Also you can check out le Musee d’Uzes, you will see a scarf and an overcoat that belonged to Nobel Laureate Andre Gide.


Restaurant Ma Cantine

Restaurant Ma Cantine