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The best markets in Provence

Most towns or villages have their own markets at least once a week, and there are Marches Paysans in the summer and winter truffle markets at Carpentras, Aups, Richerenches and Rognes.

Aix en Provence. Chic shopping for fruits and veggies, every day AM.

Apt. A fabulous farmer market in the old town.

Arles. the very lively market is the best place for olive oil and Saucisson d’Arles. On Wednesday & Saturday AM.

Cannes. Busy market in the old town on Tuesday and Sunday AM.

Carpentras along the boulevards is a true local rendez vous. Friday AM.

Marseille. Fresh fish sold straight  from the boats. Every morning.

Menton. Fine local produce and fresh fish in and around the covered market.

Nice. you will find fresh veggies and flowers on court Saleya, also fish on place St Francois. Tuesday – Sunday AM.

Salernes. A very authentic village market in the town square. Wed and Sun AM.

Toulon. Busy street market with fabulous vegetables. Every day AM.

Herbs and spices.

Along with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, herbs are a major part of Provencal cooking, and the local terms for summer savory ( Pebre d’Ai) and for thyme ( Farigoule) are reflected in most of restaurants’ names. Rosemary, thyme, summer savory, bay, marjoram and sage grow wild in the garrigue hills and woodland that cover much of Provence. Basil and tarragon are cultivated not wild. Lavender is used for perfume and products but is also used to aromatize grilled meats or flavour desserts such as creme brulee. You will also find fennel seeds, juniper berries and aniseed, it can be used to flavour biscuits but also cooked with pork.

Cavaillon melons.

The juicy, sweet- scented, orange flesh cavaillon melon is considered the best in France. The cultivation started in the 12th century with the introduction of the Cantaloupe melon from Italy when the area was under the Avignon papacy. Early melons are grown in greenhouses and are available by April. The best is harvested from open fields between June and early September. When choosing a melon always go for the perfume and feel the ripeness. Melons are classically eaten as a starter with cure ham, figs or as dessert sometimes filled with Beaume de Venise wine. Chef Jacques Prevot designs a all menu using melon and one of his dish is a a melon and fish stew.

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Anne Suire

La Guarrigue in Provence

La Guarrigue in Provence

Melons of Cavaillon

Melons of Cavaillon

Truffle Market of Richerenches

Truffle Market of Richerenches

Truffle Market Richerenches

Truffle Market Richerenches