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Spending the day at the seaside Cannes and Nice maybe glamour and cash, but the Lavandou is a town with as much Provencal character as it has sand. Lots of terraced shops and houses tumble over each other towards the sea and twelve very pristine white beaches and cobbled seafronts are alive with restaurants.L’ Elephant beach is the most appealing and the approach is only by sea or by scrambling over rocks, a feature that ensures relative tranquility. Eight kms away from the town center is Pramosquier beach circled by wooded cliffs whose aroma smell of pine leaks into the salty air. You will find a beach shack that cooks the fresh caught of the day and serves it with a lemon wedge and fresh salad. Very good!

The very tiny town of Lambesc is off the tourist map which is a very welcome break from the other ubiquitous lavender bag and herb-rack souvenir shops. You can explore the church or get lost in the narrow alleys or take a trip to the strange troglodyte village at Sainte-Anne, but if you are in the mood you can spend one hour in the late afternoon sampling wine at either Domaine des Ouillieres or at Chateau Pontet Bagatelle.

Make a stop in the Roussillon, a brightly painted village built on ochre hills. If your visit happens to be sunny , wander the Giant’s Causeaway just out of town. The trail is only 35 minutes walk and you will witness some interesting rock formations and a very serene forest before petering out into scarlet land. A great place for a picnic in warm weather. If you go on a Thursday pick up some provisions from the market or if it is sunset go for a stunning view of the valley below.

Anne Suire


Le Lavandou....

Le Lavandou….

L'Elephant beach

L’Elephant beach