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The local cuisine at L'Ousteau de Baumaniere

The local cuisine at L’Ousteau de Baumaniere

The cuisine at l'Ousteau

The cuisine at l’Ousteau

l'Oustau de Baumaniere

l’Oustau de Baumaniere

I could not believe that the tiny town of Les Baux was on the verge of extinction after world war two, when its population was 150. Now it has become a luxury lifestyle capital, largely due to the two star restaurant, Ousteau de Baumaniere. It consists of three buildings ( 22 rooms total) : the main building ( six rooms and 2 suites), which is attached to the restaurant; and the two residences, La Guigou ( two rooms and three suites) and Le Manoir  ( five rooms and four suites).

In the main building the rooms are done in a French traditional style. In one room is an enormous fireplace and a canopy bed and a fireplace in another room ( add room service ravioli de truffes to complete the setting). A beautiful terrace for lunch, a large pool and the village of Les Baux above.

Le Manoir is tucked into the corner of the Cabro d’Or hotel. It offers a 110-yard walk to La Cabro d’or pool or a half mile drive to the one at Baumaniere.And on top of it, no staff on the promises which bring the prices down;

The Ousteau de Baumaniere restaurant serves a mixes the rusticity of fresh vegetables and other local produce and offers very sophisticated takes on Provencal cuisine. http://www.ousteaubaumaniere.com

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La Cabro d’Or

The Cabro d’Or got a new look and its rooms have been brightened with Provencal colors and local antiques, and the standards of the starred restaurant significantly raised. You will taste vivid versions of local classics. The reasons to stay at La Cabro d’Or include cheaper prices and the gardens.Outside Baux in Val D’Enfer.

Anne Suire

La Cabro d'Or

La Cabro d’Or

The pool at La Cabro d'Or

The pool at La Cabro d’Or