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Walking through Medieval Vence.

Giant ash trees,( Les Frenes ) will be part of the landscape as you stroll through the old quarter of Vence.  The walk will take about a couple of hours and you will enjoy Vence very much with its old stone -paved streets and medieval houses huddling inside a ring of 13th-century battlements. Before you enter the walls through a sixteen century Porte de Peyra  pay a visit to the Chateau de Villeneuve ,  which is a host to different programs of contemporary art and design exhibitions.

After walking through the gateway, make a turn right and allow half an hour to walk through La rue du Marche where rows of shops selling herbs, fruit, fresh pasta and fish will make your mouth water. If you want to see the cathedral, walk to the end of Rue du Marche ,you will turn left and walk across Place Surian and Place Clemenceau  and there it will be. Look out for Roman inscriptions dating back almost 2,000 years back on the masonry of the buildings either side of it carved when Vence was the Roman settlement of Ventium . Also you will see the oak choir stalls carved with little satirical figures , commissioned by a witty 17th-century bishop. Leave the square by its north side underneath the arched Passage Cahors  , then you will walk up Rue du Seminaire and you will turn left to follow the old walls along Rue de La Coste. If you leave the old quarter by the Levis Portail which takes you back to Place du Frenes, you will come across several cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy lunch or a drink and snack.

Anne Suire


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