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A brief history of the truffle.

Love of the truffle extends back into the mists of time. We know for sure that a certain Mr Cheops, the incumbent pharaoh 4600 years ago prized it. And 2000 years later Mr Licinius a governor of Carthage , apparently lost 2 teeth when biting into one.

The ancient Greeks and Romans were considered particular aficionados of the truffle. After the collapse of the Roman empire, a black hole opens up in the truffle history. The truffle with its aphrodisiac smell , was anathema to the ascetic churchmen of medieval times. When the Renaissance came along, did the truffle come back into fashion. And then with a vengeance. All the European royal houses were enamoured of it and Maria Theresa was downright  smitten by the Tuber, which she liked incorporated into her omelette.

In France, the truffle hunter is apparently a man’s job ( not anymore, thank you!). Truffle hunting is a clandestine occupation that shuns the limelight and other people. Although much of it is designed is fellow seekers and rivals on the wrong track ( Beware!). After all you have to understand that a truffle grove is a pot of gold.

Thanksgiving 2016 and Truffle hunting in the Luberon.

Something to add to your bucket list. Truffle hunting in one of the most beautiful  location in the Luberon. Experience Provence off the beaten track with one of France’s most traditional and secretive countryside traditions: The truffle hunt! We conduct truffle-hunting tours in English during summer and winter truffle seasons, followed by a sampling of fresh truffle hors d’oeuvres, Champagne, and a tasting of olive and truffle oil. Divine!. Join us for a special afternoon!

The 11 hectares produce grapes, olives, apricots, cherries, plums, apples, pears, pomegranates, figs, almonds, hazelnuts and black winter truffles. We offer truffle-hunting tours of the property when in season. Tours include a sampling of fresh truffle hors d’oeuvres, Champagne and a taste of our organic olive and truffle oil.
The Truffle hunting is included in your tour package.
Departure Dates:
November 19, 2016 – November 26, 2016. ( 12 guests are invited) $ 3,370 ppimages-1