Anne Suire is the founder of Luxury Travel consultant2, it is an upscale travel company online offering leisure travel services, travel planning, luxury rentals in France and Italy.


The company’s mission.

At Luxury Travel Consultant2, Suire strives  for client satisfaction by providing the highest level of service delivering detailed oriented travel & tour plannings.

Suire believes that the key to success lies in nurturing the clientele as well as anticipating their needs  and conveying happiness for the clients.

The goal is to brand the company as a provider of ultimate travel and tour planning experience while becoming a one step shop for every travel service available.

Luxury Villas.

They are ideal for groups, family reunions and they offer privacy and a lot of sophistication. They are mostly beautifully decorated with beautiful details at every corner that will allow you to experience a life of luxury. Our Tours include:

Most of the tour groups in our villas include:

Drivers / bilingual tour guides.

Private chef.

Cleaning person.

baby sitter.

The villa usually comes equipped with everything from barbecue to swimming pool.

*for more information contact and start planning your ultimate vacation.

The Mission.

Integrity – Committed to honesty, loyalty and high standard of ethical conduct.

Customer focused . committed  to providing the highest level of customer service.

Luxury Travel Consultant2 believes that success  depends on the leadership and management ability to focus and execute the mission on schedule.

Teamwork- Luxury Travel Consultant2 believes in building long terms relationships with preferred business partners to achieve mutual success.

Excellence – Luxury Travel Consultant2 is committed to staying focused on total customer satisfaction.

Luxury Travel Consultant2 is a one woman operation who just do a few groups a year and plans trips to France, Italy and Spain.

For more information contact her at

or write to her at Luxury Travel Consultant2

2150 Fell street, Suite # 303

San Francisco, CA. 94117

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