imgresMarseille is France’s second largest city is the place to head to enjoy the colorful sights and smells of a Mediterranean meting pot-cultures have definitely mingled here ever since the Greeks invaded, in about 600 bc. I would recommend that you tour the museums and the cathedrals , visit the Vieux Port, famous haunt of Marcel Pagnol’s Fanny, then head east to Aubagne to walk the Circuit Pagnol.

Aix- en- Provence. for one day you can join all the fashionable folk for whom cafe squatting, people-watching, and boutique- shopping are a way of life. Track the spirits of the town’s famous son, Paul Cezanne, by visiting the Jas de Bouffon, his newly opened family estate, and Mount Sainte Victoire, the main motif of this founder of modern art.

Central CassisCassis is a lovely harbor town that conjures up the Saint -Tropez of 1920s- you can take an excursion boat to the famously beautiful Calanques; Enjoy a picnic and a bottle of Cassis white and go down the steep sides to the hidden beaches and Fjord-like finger bays that probe the coast. To the East are Toulon and Ile d’Hyeres.

The five reasons to go.

Aix’s Cours Mirabeau: The Champs- Elysees of Posh Aix en Provence, this boulevard is lined with coffee shops like les deux Garcons, where Cezanne and Zola used to hang out.

Marseille. Order ahead at chez Fanfan’s and indulge in classic Bouillabaisse – This version will definitely make your tastebuds stand up.

Les Calanques. Near Cassis , these picturesque coves make you feel like you have stumbled onto the set of the Blue Lagoon, truly beautiful.

Iles d’Hyeres, nature paradise. A sense of pure escape can still be enjoyed on these islands covered with pine forests and sandy beaches.

Paul Cezanne. Tour Cezanne country in the area around Mount Sainte Victoire, near the artist’s hometown of Aix-En-Provence.

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