My name is Anne Suire, I am the owner of the small company Luxury Travel consultant.

I have lived in the US for a long time and started my young life in France. I have done quite a lot in my work life from Assistant buyer in a store in San Francisco to caterer and private chef. I had a dream last night telling me that I should get back to work on my travel company and communicate with my followers again. I have worked on and off with Luxury Travel Consultant2 and I have also known success with some tours that I did but with a busy life and family obligations in France, I have somehow walked away. I want back in the game and provide my future clientele with a stellar performance.

The company offers villas rentals and travel services as well as tour ideas and special events such as weddings, anniversary, graduation, family vacation, group vacation, women’s getaways, couples getaways . Properties                                                                                     

When you book with us you have to inform us when you plan on traveling, so that we can find you the best accommodations.  Some requests include near a village ( walking distance) or pool and no pool.

Private Chef

Private Chef,We can assist you with the request of a private chef, locally handpicked and bilingual which allows everyone to be comfortable.

Usually most tour guides drive and we request that they speak English. their prices will include transfers from and to property as well as touring the region.


A personalized itinerary will be offered and you can always let us know if you want to make some changes.

Restaurant suggestions.

We will suggest the best and local restaurants at your request.

Tours’ ideas.

Golfing, horseback riding, yoga, bicycling, culinary adventures, wine tasting, hiking and soul searching. Anyone interested we offer flea markets of Paris and Provence!

Thank you!

Anne Suire Avignon Gourmet Tours Fall 2019.