You have probably heard about , have likely even tasted the ice creams and sorbets from the Berthillon shop on the Ile Saint Louis. Raymond Berthillon who passed away in August 2014 used only fresh and seasonal ingredients to make small batches of flavors like caramel , shot through with creamy ribbons of the stuff, and pale green pistachio, crammed with chunks of crisps, fresh nuts.

Another place to check out is Damman’s a tasteful tearoom and Glacier, where star flavors include Bulgarian yogurt,  spice bread ( pain epice), tiramisu and salted- butter caramel.

Berthillon. 31 rue saint Louis en l’ile, 4th arr. ( 01-43-54-31-61).

Damman’s. 20 rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 5th arr. ( 01-46-33-61-30).

Anne Suire