The metro and taxis.

With infants and toddlers, it is most easily navigated using a baby carrier, but you will see plenty of Parisian parents hauling their strollers and buggies, with children seated inside, up and down the stairs each day. If the bus or train is full you are expected to fold the stroller. Kids under 4 years old ride for free on Paris‘s public transportation and those under 10 years old receive 50% reduction on tickets.

Taxis can be a lifesaver when an unexpected rain storm hits all of a sudden and dampens travel plans or when kids and parents are too tired to walk or take the metro back home. It is not always easy to hail a cab in Paris as they are often full.You can find the nearest official stand indicated by the word Taxi in a blue rectangle. A map with all the taxis stands in Paris can be downloaded from the city’s French website, Type in Taxi station and follow the links to the pdf file. Also you can buy the detailed Paris Pratique  per arrondissement street map book, also known as l’indispensable at a magazine stand or department store; be sure to choose the one that indicates that it includes Taxis Stands around 5 Euros. Taxis can also be reserved in advance by calling one of the following services that have an English – speaking operator available. Important thing to remember taxis drivers start the meter as they leave to meet you. Uber is in Paris, probably works as well as here in the US. When reserving a taxi let them know how may guests are in your party, more than 4 guests and they will send a larger monospace ( mini-van).

Paris ‘s central number for taxis dispatch is : 01-45-30-30-30

Alphas Taxis: 01-45-85-85-85,

Taxis 75: 06-77-26-44-55,

TaxiG7: 01-41-27-66-99,

Now traveling  from the airport to central Paris is simplest via a private or shared shuttle or taxi , all of which provides door to door service. Parents can always request infant car seats and boosters when making a reservation. They will ask you your child age and weight and height so that the appropriate-size seat can be provided. Taxi-cabs are exempt from car seat regulations so don’t expect them to be equipped with one. Hotels and apartment rental agencies are very good resources for finding reliable transfer services.

Three reliable taxi companies that provide airport-to-city service are:

Allonavette: 01-75-68-01-96,

Firstway: 01-48-63-74-37,

Paris Shuttle, 01-53-39-18-18,

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