This very leisurely walk passes through the exquisite late 18th-century Parc Monceau. It then follows a route along surrounding streets, where groups of opulent mansions stunningly convey the magnificence in which some Parisians live.

The walk starts at the Monceau metro station, on the boulevard de Courcelles. You will enter the Parc where Nikola ledoux 18th century toll house stands. Each side has beautiful gilded 19th-century wrought iron gates, they support ornate lampposts.

If you take the second path on the left you will come across the house of Guy de Maupassant, a 19th-century French author. This is only one of a series of six Belle Epoque monuments of prominent French writers and musicians which are scattered throughout the Parc Monceau.

Straight ahead is is a moss -covered colonnade running around a tiny lake. Walk around the colonnade and under a 16th-century arch, actually transported from the old Paris Hotel de Ville.


If you want to re-enter the parc , turn left into the second small winding path, which is bordered by an 18th-centurymossy pyramid, antique tombs and a stone arcade , an obelisk and a small Chinese pagoda.