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A walk around this charming, picturesque tree-lined quays from Pont Louis-Philippe to Quai d’Anjou, taking in the 17th-century hotels that infuse the area with a great sense of period. It then penetrates into the heart of the Island along the main street, but Saint-Louis en l’isle, enlivened by chic restaurants, cafes, art galleries and boutiques, before returning to the north side of the island and back to Pont Marie.

Metro Pont Marie to rue Jean du Bellay.

From the Pont Marie metro station, walk down quai des Celestins and quai de l’hotel de Ville. Lined with traditional bookstalls, from where there is a very good view of Isle Saint Louis. turn left at Pont Louis Philippe and having crossed it , take the steps down to the lower quay immediately to the right. Walk around the tree-shaded west-point of the Island then up the other side to the Pont Saint Louis. Opposite the bridge , on the corner of Rue Jean du Bellay, is the Flore en L’Isle, the smartest cafe on the island.

Tips for walkers.

Starting Point: Pont Marie Metro.

Length: 1.6 miles ( 2.6 km)

Getting there. The walk starts from Pont Marie Metro. However, bus Route 67 takes you to rue du Pont Louis-Phillipe and also crosses the Island along Rue des Deux Ponts and Boulevard Pont de Sully ; Routes 86 and 87 also cross the island along Boulevard Pont de Sully.

Stopping off points.

There are cafes , such as Flore en L’Isle and the Berthillon shop for Ice cream. The restaurants on Rue Saint-Louis en l’Isle include L’Auberge de La Reine Blanche ( NO. 30) and also Au Gourmet de L’Isle ( NO.42), as well as a Patisserie and Cheese shop. Two good resting spots are the tree shaded quays and square Barye to the Eastern end of the Island.

Le Flore en L’Isle.
Restaurant Flore en l’Isle.

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