The walk begins at the base of the sand-stone butte ( hill), where old theaters and dance halls , once frequented and depicted by painters from Renoir to Picasso , have now been take by rock clubs. It continues steeply uphill to the original village , along streets that still retain the atmosphere caught by artists like Van Gogh, before winding downhill to end Place Blanche.

Tips for walkers.

Your starting point will be Place Pigalle. the walk goes up some very steep streets to the top; If you do not feel like the climb, consider taking the Montmartrobus, which covers most of the walk and starts at Place Pigalle.

Length:2.3kms ( 1.4 miles).

Getting There. The nearest metro station is Place Pigalle. Buses that take you there are Nos. 30, 54 and 67.

Taking a break. There are many cafes and shops along Rue Lepic and Rue des Abesses. Rayon de la Sante, to the right of the theater in Place Charles Dullin, is one of the city’s best vegetarian restaurants. For shade and rest, Place Jean-Baptiste Clement and square S.Buisson at Avenue Junot are charming Public squares.