Hiking, cycling & golfing in Provence.

Hiking in  Luberon and Vaucluse in Provence.

A two day hiking trip in Provence will take you from postcard perfect Gordes to the market town of Apt , with an overnight stay in Gordes. Know that you will need a car to travel between Gordes and Apt, and then you can proceed on these hikes on foot. Luxury Travel Consultant2 offers hiking tours to their clients and our tour guides are local and bilingual. If you start from Gordes ( trip / 11 miles), time 2 days; each day hike is about 3 hours ( excluding picnic time).

Hike from Gordes to l’abbaye de Senanque.

Gordes  is one of France’s spectacular villages perches, small Medieval towns that look like they are growing from the hilltops where they were built to protect the inhabitants from invaders.

Park your car , bring a picnic along and start your hike in the Place du Chateau in Gordes. Take the second road to the right. Take the second road to the right of the Provencal cafe ( not the D15 to Murs) which leads past the post office. Bear right at the Y junction past the cemetery, continue straight down until the next Y junction and you will turn left down a road lined with with dry-stoned walls – This leads to D15, go straight then turn left uphill until you come across a signpost marked  Fontanille by then you should have walked 30 minutes. Bear left by the Fontanille  campsite, you should see some mailboxes; turn right when you reach another fork, take the rocky path to the right and continue left along a narrow path with fields to your right. When you get to the Senanque Hamlet you will reach a crossroad go downhill into the woods, at the next crossroad you will find a vehicle -friendly road, just head straight.Cross the road to climb the GR6/97, you will find a path 33 yards downhill toward the Abbaye.

The Abbaye of Senanque has seen much death and destruction before becoming the tranquil retreat it is today. It was founded by cistercian monks in the 12th century. Note that the abbaye is closed  between 12 ( noon)to 2:30 pm.

If you are staying in Gordes stay at Hotel les Bories. If you want to find a great place to dine, go to Les cuisines du Chateau, a nice restaurant in Gordes’ epicerie ( food market ) originally built in the 1850’s. This is one of the many hikes in Luberon, Provence.

You can also do a hike from Apt to Saignon!

Organized bike tours in Provence.

If you go cycling anywhere always make sure that you have sufficient water, food , sun and protection, and suitable clothing and footwear.

For Provence visit the site,, organizes 3- or 4-day bike tours along the Luberon‘s verdant wine routes.

Golfing in Provence.

If you want to play multiple courses, buy the golf pass Provence, which allows you to play 16 golf courses. The packages may vary between 135 Euros to 275 Euros for 3- or 5- green passes are reserved to golfers outside of France and can be used in different clubs. For more information, go to

The Garden Golf d’Avignon , is 10 minutes away from centre ville ( downtown).  ( 9 & 18 holes).

The Sainte Victoire Golf club , is an 18-holes golf course stands out from the crowd by virtue of its views, the Mountain Ste Victoire prized by Cezanne.

Anne Suire

Travel With us to Provence in 2017.

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Christmas in Provence

To taste all the Provence flavors during the holiday season, nothing’s better than the truffles, olive oil ( PDO Aix-en-Provence ) and 13 desserts markets.

Craftsmen and local producers present a multitude of products on their market’s stalls during Christmas

Do not miss the twin cities’ international market where the twin towns’ merchants , craftsmen and friends meet in Aix-en-Provence to discover their mutual cultural and gastronomic heritage.

With its many festivities, its ancient, mysterious and mystical traditions and glittering illuminations, Provence in midwinter reveals another side of itself.

It might be very different from the lavender fields, rosé wine and blazing sun of high summer. But, in a very different way, this time of year in the South of France is just as romantic and spectacular.

This page tells you where in Provence to find the best Christmas markets, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, pastorales (nativity plays), pastrages (shepherds’ processions) and other events that will light up the landscape in winter.

Our attention here is on the main towns and cities, but a number of the smaller villages will also have their own local Christmas celebrations.

Aix en Provence.

The area around La Rotonde and the Cours Mirabeau is decked in lights and local stores make a magnificent effort with their festive decorations and window displays.

There’s tons more going on in terms of markets and special events. The Cours Mirabeau is lined with children’s fairground rides and around 50 chalets selling gifts, handicrafts and food and drink specials. 16 November-25 December 2016.

There is also a Christmas crib of traditional santons in a chalet near the Monoprix department store half-way down the boulevard. The Cours Mirabeau and,  the celebrated statue of Good King René in festive guise. The Cours is closed to traffic during the Christmas period.

New in 2016: a program of activities around the “three squares” (Madeleine, Prêcheurs and Verdun) in the Old Town. It’s designed to inject life into this part of Aix, which is suffering from the effects of massive restoration works.

Among the innovations: a giant Christmas tree and an English-style pillar box for children to post their letters to Santa Claus.

In early December Aix celebrates the Fête de la Sainte Lucie, a Festival of Lights of Swedish origin. It starts at the Cathedral in the early evening, and moves on to the place Verdun for traditional Swedish songs and a tasting of something called glögg (Swedish mulled wine). 6-9pm, 13 December.

Mid December sees the Bravade Calendale, a ceremonial procession along the Cours Mirabeau with musicians, dancers and folklore galore. 2.30pm, 18 December.

This year the santonniers (vendors of Christmas crib figures) are also in the area in front of the Tourist Office, from 18 November-31 December 2016.

And it’s still not over in January, when an Epiphany procession, the Marche des Rois, pays homage to the Three Kings (accompanied by their three camels).

It starts at 2pm and winds through the streets of Aix, pausing from time to time along the way for a festival carol or folk song. The procession ends with a ceremony at the city Cathedral at 4pm – and no doubt plenty of tastings of the traditional brioche des rois Epiphany cake. 8 January 2017.


Christmas is celebrated in more unusual style in Arles during its Drôles de Noëls (Funny Christmases).

In the week before Christmas, circus performers, singers, puppeteers, magicians, theatre and firework displays  turn the city’s streets and Roman arena into one huge – and entirely free – street-art spectacle. Even the car-parking is free! 21-24 December 2016.

For traditionalists, the city also hosts an important santons conference, the Salon International des Santonniers, the largest event of its kind in France.

The theme in 2016 is the olivades (olive festival) and there are around 100 guest santonniers from all over Europe – and, this year, from Africa too (expect some stables to feature zebras and giraffes!). It’s held in the Cloître Saint Trophime, 19 November-15 January 2017.

There is additionally a more conventional santons market at the Espace Van Gogh, where you can buy the little figurines. 19-20 November 2016.

Arles also has a popular early Christmas crafts market, Provence Prestige. It boasts some 150 artisans and exhibitors and in 2016 is held in the city’s Palais des Congrès from 24-28 November.  Over the same weekend there’s also a Christmas market in the centre of Arles around the place du Forum.


Avignon had traditionally held one of Provence’s prettiest and most popular Christmas markets on the place de l’Horloge, with wooden chalets selling Provencal delicacies, santons, fabrics and more.)

But all that has been changing. And now, after a disastrous failed experiment to scatter the Christmas market all over the walled city, it has been cancelled completely in 2016-2017.

Instead the city is working on a street festival aimed at children. The centre piece is a “children’s village” on the place Pie (10-31 December 2016), with performances, parades and concerts at the weekends.

Devoted to Provençal history and heritage, the 15th century Le Palais du Route houses a crib and celebratory Gros Souper table. Members of the local folklore association, L’Estello d’Avignon, are delighted to talk to visitors about their traditions. 3 rue Collège du Roure, Hôtel de Baroncelli-Javon. Tel: (+33) 4 90 80 80 88.

Avignon’s main crib, one of the biggest in the region is designed by Marcel Carbonel, a leading local santonnier and features over 600 hand painted, terracotta santons in a Provençal landscape, with vineyards, olive groves and hilltop villages.

It’s displayed, as in previous years, in the Eglise des Célestins on the place des Corps Saints, where a santon-makers‘ village will be installed.

One of Avignon‘s oldest and most notable cribs is on view in the Cathedral, Notre Dame des Doms. Its large wax santons were first fashioned around 1830 by the Carmelite order and its nuns continue today to maintain and restore these fragile treasures (many of their costumes are originals). Place du Palais. Tel: (+33) 4 90 82 12 21.


The princes who once controlled Les Baux de Provence claimed to be the descendants of Balthazar, one of the Three Wise Men, and the 16-pointed silver star which guided the kings to Bethlehem is still on the municipal coat of arms. So you expect Christmas in this stunning hilltop village to be something special.

Midnight Mass, Christmas, Les Baux de Provence  The highlight of Christmas in Les Baux de Provence is Christmas Eve, when festivities begin at 2pm with an aubade, or procession of sheep, shepherds, musicians and dancers through the village.

Midnight mass is celebrated from 11.30pm in the beautiful 12th century Saint Vincent’s Church (pictured).

During the service, traditional musical instruments accompany Provençal songs and a human crib populated by locals dressed in folk costumes, while shepherds converge for the pastrage to bring the baby Jesus a gift of a new-born lamb.

Les Baux also holds a santons fair in October at which santonniers demonstrate their art at locations all over the village. In December there are workshops at which children can make their own Christmas crib figures. 17-23 and 26-30 December.

The village’s large santons crib has a different theme and geographical setting each year. In 2016 it’s created by artist Pauline Ohrel out of delicate wire netting.

It has the perfect location: the 17th century Chapelle des Pénitents (Penitents’ Chapel) decorated with huge murals (1974) by Yves Brayer  depicting Provençal shepherds as they celebrate Christmas.

Another little shepherd is the hero of an exhibition of charming illustrations by Jean-Marc Rossi telling the story of a young local boy who one night, while tending his flock, sees a new star in the sky… At the Hôtel de Manville, 17 December-3 January 2017.

Children will also love the impromptu sheepfold on the church square where young shepherds tend their flock, herd the sheep daily through the village at and answer questions about their work. It’s on every day from 17 December-3 January 2017 (except 25 December and 1 January).

There are various Christmas-themed activities happening within the precinct of the Château des Baux too throughout the school holidays.


The picturesque coastal town of Cassis has a Christmas market right in the centre of town on the place Baragnon. 2-11 December 2016. Part of this square becomes an ice rink for the duration of the cold weather. 17 December-26 February 2017.


Dating back to 1803, the Marseille Foire aux Santons is the very oldest of them all and opens in mid-November. At the official inauguration, a santonniers‘ mass is celebrated in Provençal at the church of Saint Vincent de Paul, followed by a procession down the Canebière to the sound of the tambourin, a long, traditional drum.

Some 30 santonniers display their wares in chalets on the place Charles de Gaulle and along the Canebière. In 2016 Marseille’s Foire aux Santons runs from 20 November-31 December.

The city’s Christmas craft market on the Old Port offers ceramics, traditional Marseille soap, wooden toys, sweets, cookies and chocolates. 20 November-31 December 2016.

For children, there are roundabouts and other attractions on the Old Port, the Cours Belsunce and the place Léon Blum near the top of the Canebière as well as the Giant Ferris Wheel on the Old Port itself.

Weekends are spiced up by street entertainment: this year it features Santa’s elves, a parade led by Mother Christmas, gospel music, capoeira and more. The city’s Christmas illuminations are switched on on December 2.


Saint Rémy de Provence holds a little “Nocturne de Noël” – sometimes referred to as the Fête des Lumières – in early December, when the town’s illuminations are all switched on. Shops in the centre of town are open late and live music, mulled wine and soup are on offer. In 2016 it’s on 10 December.

Saint Rémy’s main Christmas market is held just before Christmas on the place de la Mairie and offers crafts and santons, plus the ingredients for the seven dishes and 13 Desserts of the gros souper or Great Supper traditionally eaten in Provence on Christmas Eve. 16-18 December.

Also in the run-up to the big day, there’s a performance of the pastorale an open-air dance celebration and bonfire and on 24 December a midnight mass.


Toulon has a daily Christmas market of around 40 chalets on the place de la Liberté from 25 November to 31 December 2016, plus a large, animated crib of over 700 santons. Look out for the city’s Mont Faron Cable Car!

On the place d’Armes is a giant skating rink. 7-31 December 2016.

At weekends throughout December there are festive parades through the town, climaxing in the arrival of Santa Claus on the port on Christmas Eve.

Saint Rémy de Provence

Set in the rolling Alpilles hills south of Avignon, Saint Rémy de Provence is one of the region’s favourite holiday destinations, with its pretty old town, boulevard cafés, many colourful festivals and traditions and two important tourist sights, the huge Roman ruins of Glanum and Saint Paul de Mausole, where Vincent van Gogh spent the last year of his life.

You can read about all this and more below in our guides to the town, to Saint Paul and to another of Saint Rémy’s most popular attractions, its superb Wednesday morning street market. 

Celebrate romance with us in Provence 2017.

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Luxury Travel Consultant2.

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What our Tour packages offer.

Luxury Villas ( double occupation)

Drivers including ( transfers to and from the property and touring the region)

TGV train rides from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris to Avignon ( round trip)

Continental breakfast, lunch and dinner are included as well as wine for dinner only

Activities include wine tastings as well as a visit to an organic truffle farm, appetizers and champagne will be served.

A visit to one of our favorite spots ” La Camargue” a wildlife sanctuary for all kinds of birds as well as wild horses and more.

La Bouillabaisse in Marseille.

All activities are included.

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On occasion we offer 2 free tours in exchange for 10 guests, two of the guests each bring 5 guests to travel with them. Air Fare not included!.

Two tours in January 2017 and November 2017.

The January departures, 2017 are:

January 21, 2017 – January 28, 2017.

12 guests are invited total and two win a tour each to spend a week in Provence when they bring friends along.

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Kate & Ted Smith, San Francisco. (They brought a group of friends with them and Kate & Ted got to stay for free).

Hoping that we made ourselves clear with our description. At Luxury Travel Consultant2 we work very hard to make your vacation a dream!.

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La Petite France restaurant



Love is in the air, Fall in love in Provence.

We are celebrating love in Provence in 2017. Join us in February 2017.

Our departure dates :

February 11, 2017 – February 18, 2017

$ 3,846 pp.

Our tour package includes:

Villa Accommodation ( double occupancy)

Drivers ( transfers, touring the region)

Private chef ( breakfast, lunch & dinner)

TGV train ride ( round trip)

Wineries, truffle farm and a special Valentine’s dinner and more…

Email us if you have any questions at Valentine’s week, Provence 2017


Valentine’s celebration in Provence, 2017.

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Luxury Travel Consultant2


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Each tour will have two guests spending a week in Provence free of charge when each of the 2 guests each brings 5 guests, so 10 guests total. If you are a couple, bring 5 couples ; if you are a family bring 10 guests to join you.

The two trips will take place in Bonnieux in Luberon, Provence.

The departure dates are:

January 21, 2017 – January 28, 2017

November 18, 2017 – November 25, 2017

12 guests are invited to join us.

Tour package  includes:

Villa Accommodation ( double occupancy).

Private chef ( breakfast, lunch & dinner included).

Drivers ( transfers & touring the region).

TGV train ride ( round trip).

Wine tasting & truffle hunting.

Air Fare is not included for all guests.

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A sanctuary to visit during our Thanksgiving Tour 2016, La Camargue.

The river and the sea have created an almost lunar landscape over which the huge tour de Constance of Aigues-Mortes stands guard. Arles looks out the Grand-Rhone to the huge expanses to the west  which have some of the most famous, a great alluvial flat of marsh, lagoon and farmland between the two branches of the Rhone. The area has assumed an identity of its own and due to its unique character is now a national park in which landscape and wild life are protected.

Before flowing into the sea just after Arles, the Rhone forms the delta where gypsies believe two saints named Mary were washed ashore. Caravans and trailers are parked against the sea wall, while high-spirited bulls wait for the feria in their enclosures. A single main road runs past the rice fields and peaceful pools with pink flamingos and across salt marshes crisscrossed by narrow paths.

We will stop at the Abbaye de Montmajour , which in AD 948 was a community of hermits, built among the marshes. The abbaye became steadily wealthier and added on a cellar, a church, a refectory and chapels. But for all its wealth , starkness was de rigueur in  the abbaye, only the capitals in the cloisters were adorned.

We will spend time in Arles , which will give our guests a little foretaste of Spain with  its blend of Roman, Romanesque and baroque. Aigues-Mortes, a port king Louis IX built in 1848 will also be worth the stop. Stes-Maries-de-la Mer famous for the legend of “the two Marys”.  Lunch will follow and we will get to enjoy a fish stew at Marius Bernard, the restaurant serves traditional Provencal Fare!.

Anne Suire

Provence, Thanksgiving 2016.imgres-2imgresimgres-1


Truffle season in the Luberon is an event not to be missed if you join us for Thanksgiving 2016.


, , , ,

A brief history of the truffle.

Love of the truffle extends back into the mists of time. We know for sure that a certain Mr Cheops, the incumbent pharaoh 4600 years ago prized it. And 2000 years later Mr Licinius a governor of Carthage , apparently lost 2 teeth when biting into one.

The ancient Greeks and Romans were considered particular aficionados of the truffle. After the collapse of the Roman empire, a black hole opens up in the truffle history. The truffle with its aphrodisiac smell , was anathema to the ascetic churchmen of medieval times. When the Renaissance came along, did the truffle come back into fashion. And then with a vengeance. All the European royal houses were enamoured of it and Maria Theresa was downright  smitten by the Tuber, which she liked incorporated into her omelette.

In France, the truffle hunter is apparently a man’s job ( not anymore, thank you!). Truffle hunting is a clandestine occupation that shuns the limelight and other people. Although much of it is designed is fellow seekers and rivals on the wrong track ( Beware!). After all you have to understand that a truffle grove is a pot of gold.

Thanksgiving 2016 and Truffle hunting in the Luberon.

Something to add to your bucket list. Truffle hunting in one of the most beautiful  location in the Luberon. Experience Provence off the beaten track with one of France’s most traditional and secretive countryside traditions: The truffle hunt! We conduct truffle-hunting tours in English during summer and winter truffle seasons, followed by a sampling of fresh truffle hors d’oeuvres, Champagne, and a tasting of olive and truffle oil. Divine!. Join us for a special afternoon!

The 11 hectares produce grapes, olives, apricots, cherries, plums, apples, pears, pomegranates, figs, almonds, hazelnuts and black winter truffles. We offer truffle-hunting tours of the property when in season. Tours include a sampling of fresh truffle hors d’oeuvres, Champagne and a taste of our organic olive and truffle oil.
The Truffle hunting is included in your tour package.
Departure Dates:
November 19, 2016 – November 26, 2016. ( 12 guests are invited) $ 3,370 ppimages-1


Thanksgiving In Luberon in Provence, 2016

Hello everyone,

Our thanksgiving tour will take place in Bonnieux in Luberon, Provence. Bonnieux is built on a plateau above the valley and is one of the finest villages in the area, it is also a commune in the Vaucluse department in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur in southeastern France. The view from Bonnieux is beautiful, out across the Valley floor with its patchwork of orchards  and vineyards towards the equally perched villages of Lacoste from across the Vaucluse plateau. It is also a beautiful high perched village located on the northern slopes of the Luberon. This will be our home for the Thanksgiving week.

The Bastide.

Is a largely renovated stone house, located on a vast private property with view near the famed Luberon village of Bonnieux. The house is very comfortable and spacious and offers 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The house opens to a beautiful and large garden with view, pool and outdoor dining. This property is  designed for modern comfort in the inside and simplicity and beauty of outdoor living in the garden. The property is well cared-for, cleaned and well equipped for a large group of guests or friends. The Bastide can accommodate up to 23 guests but we wanted our group of 12 to have space to enjoy.

Ground Floor (RDC) Bedrooms/ Bathroom Layout

  • Bedroom 1 – Air Conditioned Queen bedroom with en-suite bathroom (Tub, shower, sink, WC).
  • Bedroom 2 – Air Conditioned with 3 single beds (or 1 King and 1 single bed) and en-suite bathroom (Shower, sink, WC).
  • Bedroom 3 – King bed (or 2 single beds) with en-suite bathroom (Shower, sink, WC).
  • Bedroom 4 – Air Conditioned with Two single beds and en-suite bathroom (Shower, sink, WC).
  • Bedroom 5 – Air Conditioned Queen bedroom with en-suite bathroom (Shower, sink, WC).
  • Bedroom 6 – Air Conditioned bedroom with 3 single beds and en-suite bathroom (Shower, sink, separate WC upstairs).

Second Story (First Floor) Bedrooms/ Bathroom Layout

  • Bedroom 7 – Air Conditioned Queen bedroom with separate bathroom (Shower, sink, separate WC).

Third Story (2nd Floor) Bedrooms/ Bathroom Layout

Bedroom 8 – Large Air Conditioned Master bedroom, Queen bed with en-suite bathroom (Tub, shower, 2 sinks, separate WC). Beautiful views.


  • Air Conditioning throughout the house
  • Broadband Internet/ WiFi
  • Satellite TV with English News Channels
  • TV in 7 bedrooms
  • Cd player/ stereo
  • iPod Dock (speaker base)
  • sound system inside and outside
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen including Dishwasher
  • Laundry room with Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Sauna for 3 people
  • Hair dryers in each bathroom
  • Indoor Dining for 18 people
  • Outdoor Dining for 18 people
  • Wood Burning Fireplace
  • English-speaking House Manager
  • Baby Crib/ Cot
  • High Chair
  • All linens provided
  • Pool towels


  • Sun Loungers
  • Parasols
  • Jacuzzi
  • Fitness room
  • Outdoor Terraces with beautiful views
  • Outdoor Dining for 18 People
  • Gas and Charcoal BBQ
  • Pizza Oven
  • Shaded and Grassy areas
  • Games for Children (Football, basketball)
  • Large authentic Shepherd stone house
  • Private Parking
  • Views are beautiful
  • Table Tennis

Pool Information

Dimensions/ Depth: 12m x 6.5m

Security (Fence, Alarm): Alarm, no fence

Salt water System: No

Heated?: Yes, upon request

Please note that pool heating is dependent on outdoor weather conditions and specific temperatures cannot be guaranteed

Note: The views are splendid from the pool area.

Maid Service

Three cleaning hours twice per week (Tuesday and Thursday) and end-of-stay cleaning are included in the rental.

Our Thanksgiving Tour 2016.

12 guests are invited ( $ 3, 370 pp) All inclusive. Air Fare not included.
Villa Accommodation ( double occupancy)
Private chef ( Continental Breakfast, Lunch and dinner are included)
Wine included only with dinner.
Drivers / Tour guides
Round trip TGV train ride
Touring the region, wine tasting and Lunch, Truffle hunting, La Camargue and many more activities including visiting Avignon, Aix en Provence and more.
The Departure Dates are:
November 19, 2016 – November 26, 2016.
Book by October 14, 2016.
Contact Information.
Visit us online at Provence, Thanksgiving 2016
* We accept : visa, mastercard and checks.cla-25cla-30cla-19cla-1img_3072img_3193img_3229img_3232img_3184cla-20isa,


The Luberon

Every year the Luberon National Park attracts hordes of hikers for its majestic beauty. The mountains between Cavaillon and Manosque are thick with garrigues ( scrublands) and olive groves and are dotted with caves, castles, abbeys and perched villages with magnificent views.

If you spend a week in the Luberon, here are my suggestions of where to go and what to do.

Like antiquing?

stop by the flea market of L’Isle sur La Sorgue ; A tree line path and a little bridge lead to an island with 40 bric-a-brac sellers. Unexpected treasures can be found , from knick-knacks to large pieces of furniture.


Les Agnels, route de Buoux. Learn how essential oils are distilled from Lavender, cypress and parsley seed.

Un Dimanche au jardin / Simiane La Rotonde. Abbaye de Valsaintes

Surrounded by lavender fields is a beautiful rose garden, in the grounds of an abbey founded by Cistercian monks. Nurseries with 250 rose varieties, sold bare rooted.

Worth the stop!

La Fontaine-de-Vaucluse

The springs of one of the most powerful water sources in the world. One myth claims that a nymph removed seven diamonds from the rocks, one by one, to release it. Finally in the 7th century the torrent suddenly emerged, watering the fig trees above the chasm and feeding the river Sorgue. This is truly spectacular after heavy rain.

The cliffs of the Roussillon

Legend has it that the wife of a noble man threw herself from the top of the cliffs after her husband forced her to eat her dead lover’s heart. The earth turned red with her blood and rocks and village were left with a permanent glow.

Village of Les Bories

Very interesting because this hamlet consists entirely of restored Bories ( dry-stone igloos) , where inhabitants of the Vaucluse and Luberon  lived from Ligurian times ( 6th-century BC).

Chateau de Lourmarin

The older part of the castle is an austere fortress- like place called Chateau vieux was built between 1495 and 1525. In 1526, Mme Agoult added the more attractive Chateau Neuf  ,  dedicated to pleasure. It has spacious rooms , floors paved with hexagonal, red Renaissance tiles, and is filled with Provencal furniture and Chinese musical instruments.

L’ Abbaye de Senanque

Built in 1148, this is one of a trio of primitive abbayes, known as the Cistercian sisters of Provence . To allow the monks to meditate without distractions, according to the rule of St Benedict , the only ornamentation was the natural play of light on stone. Really worth the stop, not far from the village of Gordes.

Le Prieure de Salagon

Fontaine de Vaucluse

Fontaine de Vaucluse

Le Roussillon

Le Roussillon

Village des Bories

Village des Bories

Abbaye de Senanque

Abbaye de Senanque

Abbaye de Salagon

Abbaye de Salagon

Chateau de Lourmarin

Chateau de Lourmarin

L' Abbaye de Valsaintes

L’ Abbaye de Valsaintes

The Prieure and farm built in the Middle Ages on Gallo-Roman site, continued to expand until the 19th-century. The church contains Medieval Frescoes and the excavations of a first century villa are seen through a grille in the floor. Exhibitions are staged in the barns, while the gardens are devoted to historic and scented plants.

Join us for Thanksgiving in Provence, 2016.

Departure Dates are :

11/19/ 2016 – 11/26/2016

12 guests are invited. ( All inclusive) Airfare not included.

$ 3,370 pp.